Eyelash Extension

Lash Extensions, each made by hand and specifically designed for what your natural lashes can handle, create the ease of waking up and leaving the house with no make-up. Using different curls, thickness, lengths and styles – we create Classic, Hybrid, Volume or Mega Volume lashes to suit your eye shape, all the while not affecting the health of the natural lashes. A minimal amount of glue is used and the base of the lash extension and is attached to one of your natural lashes.

Procedure Eyelashes Extension
Professional Microblading of Eyebrows


Microblading is an unbelievable art and as such needs special training as well as practice. The cloient is involved in shaping the brows and once mapped out we begin the process. Using a blade made up of many tiny needles, we implant the pigment into the skin in a hair-like pattern. We build up the eyebrows with many of these tiny cuts until we have achieved the desired look. It is a manual process and requires one touch up session and then an annual touch up once a year. Waking up without needing any makeup and perfectly framed eyes is the name of the game.