How To Choose a Lash Extension Artist (Part 1)

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How to choose a Lash Extension Artist:

We put ourselves in your shoes (Part1)

Training with Lovella for Lash Extensions to me was just something that I would keep under my belt as an add-on to Microblading. I did not expect how difficult it would be and the realization of this quickly happened once I had my first model in front of me.

The tricky placement when your brain to hand to finger to eye-focus… Oh my! Basically ladies, lashing requires patience and thorough training. I quickly understood that this would not be as easy as I thought and, in a way, it was more difficult than microblading. It’s so delicate, so unique and 100% requires a trained artist to achieve correct and healthy placement of lash extension to your natural lash.

What to look out for:


Isolating each of your natural lashes in between the tweezers in our left hands means that there is only one lash. Lash extensions (Volume or Classic) should only ever be stuck to one of your natural lashes. Two or more natural lashes means that when they grow out, the false lash pulls on them. Your lashes should shed naturally, without damage, one natural lash to one classic or volume extension. We don’t cluster lashes. If you brush your lashes with a spoolie brush and they are uncomfortable, this could be a sign of too much glue or improper isolation.

We don’t stick on skin (EVER!):

I’ve had this one and paid a pretty penny for the damage too! I stick each extension 0,5mm away from your lash line/ skin. We never stick to skin as this will simply cause massive irritation as well as discomfort. You should never feel lash extensions are stabbing the eye. So, if you have ever felt very uncomfortable after lashes or during a procedure, this could be one reason. The experience should be pleasant and relaxing.

A responsible artist will not overdo length:
A sure-fire sign something is wrong is if your lashes are the same length corner to corner. Ladies we only go about 2mm to 3mm longer than our own natural lashes. Honestly, trust us in the end it is better. If your lashes twist and turn, this could be a sign that the last artist did not advise you properly. Extensions should not twist, droop or turn and fills are advised every 2 to 3 weeks.

Burning eyes:
I personally require the sensitive lash adhesive. I just have the lightest skin and naturally tend to flair up. As a result, I also won’t overdo it with the volume lashes as they tend to require stronger adhesive. If your eyes are burning during the appointment, tell the artist. Speak up and let her know what is happening.

Lash cleanser:
Our lashes collect more dirt, debris and makeup fallout than we realize. Infections along the lash line and oil glands in that region such as Blepharitis are so unpleasant and can be more difficult to get rid of than people want to know. This can happen with or without lash extensions. My father had it!

Therefore, we should be cleaning our lash line daily and this one I cannot stress enough. Ladies, cleaning your eyelashes with an oil free lash cleanser will not damage your lash extensions. I use the Lovella lash cleanser with their brush. It is all natural, vegan and smells amazing. If your lash artist has not advised this, it is questionable. It is our job to advise you.

One last major point. When you get your lashes removed, they should look and feel the same as what they were prior to the lash extensions. What we do is not supposed to damage your lashes.

Stay tuned for part two of this discussion, where the Lovella trainers themselves answer some of my questions to better equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make your choice. I hope that by reading this, I have given you some of those tools.

With Love

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